Good Food from Good Sources form our Family Recipe

Tania's Story

Gardens have played a big role in my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I had the privilege of spending endless day's with my grandparents wondering around their property, picking & eating fresh fruit from the trees to my hearts content. Knowing what FRESH tasted like, it was important to me to provide my family with the same sheer DELIGHT of eating FRESH, IN SEASON, LOCALLY GROWN & SPRAY FREE produce.

Parenting is no easy task & oh what a headache it can be if your darlings aren't eating their veges!!!

Years ago our neighbor would regularly send her children across to our home to have dinner with us & she just couldn't believe that her girls ate everything on offer!

Cooking is my other great Love in life & I have never come across a guest yet who hasn't enjoyed All their veggies & fruit that I have served up.

FRESHNESS & THE LOVE YOU PUT INTO YOUR FOOD honestly makes all the difference :)

Tania x