Good food from good sources form our family recipe

The humble beginnings

In 1991 as part of my studies, I had to choose a topic and write a thesis on it. For some reason I chose macrobiotic food, not knowing that it would change my life and the lives of my future family. We went from having (in Gerry’s words) the best savoury meals to meals full of tofu, lentils and seaweed.

We were fortunate to have a local organic shop that we gladly supported at the time, however one day I unknowingly bought a rotten cauli which I returned with and they would not replace. As a young mother and on a single income, this $5 cauli was too big a chunk out of our weekly budget to just ignore. Coming away disgruntled, I decided something had to be done, eating organically was a priority in my home but being able to afford it was a financial burden. So with the help of a friend, we started our very own little co-op, initially buying from organic wholesalers.