Step by Step Guide


Choose your box

click - 'Subscribe' or 'One Off'

Enter your: Email address, Password (twice), First name, Last name, Phone number

click - 'Create new account'

Enter your 'Delivery address'

click - 'Save'

Enter your 'Credit Card' details

click - 'Save' - You'll then receive an email confirming that you have registered

Customize your order

click - 'Save Changes'

click - 'Your Order' (Top Right)

Scroll down to 'Order a new box every week'

Choose 'Week' or 'Fortnight'

click - 'Update Subscription'

At present there's no confirmation (we are working on it) but your order will be in the system.


Our timeline

  • Monday – Tuesday: Collect produce, pack & deliver (Away from the Office)


  • Wednesday: In the Office


  • Thursday: In the office. A reminder email to customise or cancel your box is sent out as the cut-off time is 4pm.

         Orders are then compiled & placed with our growers


  • Friday: In the Office, prepping for the following week


  • Saturday – Sunday: Away from the Office...Family time :)



Your seasonal produce is freshly picked on the day of delivery & as such, we only buy what we need for the week (nothing is stored).


What is a subscription box?


A subscription box is automatically delivered as per your request i.e. weekly or fortnightly

Once set up, payment is automatically deducted after our cut-off time of 4pm Thuersday

You can cancel anytime between 10am Friday until our cut-off time of 4pm Thursday

You can customise i.e. Change the box size, swap items & add extra items to it.


The benefits of having a subscription box is that you will...

  • Save $5 with every box
  • Receive Complimentary Free-Range eggs
  • Have access to our Subscription Order Specials (SOS)