How We Work

We remain committed to bringing you low-cost, quality produce.

$61 Family+ Box (FREE DELIVERY)

$51 Family Box (FREE DELIVERY)

$40 Small Box (FREE DELIVERY)

Orders for the following Wednesday need to be through by 4pm Thursday

As our growers pick fresh, we need time to collate all orders & our growers need time to pick them.

Planning guide: an indication of the harvest

Part of the pleasure in eating organic & spray-free harvest sourced directly from growers is your connection with what's locally and seasonally available.

Please use our planning guide as an indication of the produce we are expecting. Growing healthful produce is a very fickle business and at the drop of a hat, a product may be unavailable due to weather or growing conditions (e.g. pests or crop damage). We always endeavour to deliver the produce that you request. However, on the rare occasion that a mentioned item is not in your box, you can be rest assured that it will have been replaced with another item.

Quality – be snap-happy!

We pride ourselves on delivering quality fresh produce. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the condition of an item in your box, please notify us within 24 hours. Email us a photo of the damaged product, and we will notify our growers. The item will be replaced the following week. (In this way the grower becomes directly responsible. This early notification will help to ensure you get the best quality produce at all times).