About Us
Our family has taken great pleasure in providing fresh fruit and vegetables to Auckland homes for the past 17 years.

We are passionate about healthful food. We pride ourselves in bringing you organic and spray-free fruit and vegetables that will promote wellness in your family – just as they do in ours.

As parents of five active children, it's important to us to know the origin of what we're eating.

Our philosophy is to source produce that's:
  • grown organically, if we can
  • grown locally, if we can
  • always fresh
  • of the highest possible quality
  • If we're unable to source items which are certified organic, we'll include those that are grown in accordance with organic principles. We'll settle for some items being spray-free. Never anything less.
Our small network of artisan growers cultivate the freshest seasonally available produce. You can read about them and hear some of the ways they overcome the challenges associated with growing organically and spray-free.

Like other health-minded families, we're also constantly challenging ourselves to play our part when it comes to environmental sustainability. Sourcing your food locally is just one way we – and you – can make a difference.

Eating locally sourced food means: less fuel emissions + less packaging = less greenhouse gas emissions

Other ways that we as a family are challenging ourselves to make a difference include:
  • recycling all of our cardboard boxes and egg cartons
  • using recyclable bags for shopping
  • waiting until the dishwasher is full before turning it on
  • litter-less lunch boxes
  • using public transport and carpooling
We strongly believe in small daily sustainability actions that if done often enough, become habit. Watch this space for more ideas!